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Matthias Cramer



CAcert is a free, web of trust based certification authority. CAcert.org is signing email and server client security certificates for free.

As a CAcert assurer I can verify your identity and issue you 25 points at the moment.

To get assured you need the following:

  1. Register your account at CAcert.org and follow the assurance procedure carefully.
  2. Bring your CAcert registration details and two (2) government issued photo identity (passport/identity card/drivers license) documents to our meeting, so that I can verify them.

If you like to get assured by me, send me an email to cramer@freestone.net. I'm normaly at work in Züruch and we can meet somewhere around there.

If you also like to get your pgp/gpg key signed by me, please also bring the fingerprint of your key with you.